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K  O  C  A

In KOCA, we aspire to deliver not just based on what the client needs, but to seek better design solution from a different perspective than the norm. We believe that every design detail should arrive coherently with the concept, backed by functional justifications, and with user comfort in mind. This additional layer of crafting will encourage each project to be uniquely expressed in it's most natural form.

If you are as excited as us in exploring the design potential of your project, allow us the honour to offer our best service and craft it for you.

K O C A 推崇不被定义的设计理念,不被任何形式或风格所限制。以了解客户需求为出发点,我们以不同角度探索设计的无限可能并发掘突破性的设计解决方案。我们认为每个设计的细节都应延伸于概念,过程中我们着重功能原理和用户的舒适度,并以此结合打造独一无二的设计。概念对我们而言是赋予设计一种生命力和独特性的基础,从而让每个设计拥有叠加的价值。


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Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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