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K  O  C  A


KOCA was founded on a believe that each project deserves to be expressed in it’s most elegant and poetic form; even with similar briefs, no two designs are the same. 

It is mandatory for us to deliver what the clients need without compromising design, functionality and technicality. Beyond these statutory duties, we strive to dive deeper into the process by designing holistic experience and quality of spaces. These are values that we deemed essential to instill true impression and emotion in its users. 

Treating each as a unique craft, we often find ourselves in search of underlying potential for each project – Can space be reimagined to work better? What are the dynamics of using non-conventional materials in certain designs? How can a detail be more elegant? How we can do better than the last project?

All these are intricate processes that accumulatively strengthens our design – each project pushes design boundary in one way or another by discovering breakthroughs while appreciating knowledge learnt from the past. This, is a craft that KOCA aspired to perfect alongside the projects that found us.

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